Containers, standard trolleys, pallets and smoke trolleys

Efficient working and transportation.

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Standard trolley, type 2410

A particularly robust design made of two-millimetre-thick type 1.4301 stainless steel sheet.
The edges of the lip are constructed using 14 mm solid material and continuously welded for reasons of hygiene.


  • fully welded lip
  • inlaid solid material around the edges
  • wall thickness: 2 mm
  • electropolished hygienic surface
  • container floor reinforced with three-millimetre-thick panel to make 5 mm in total
  • continuous centre axis
  • wheels made of high-quality polyamide

Available in various designs, including perforated, with no chassis, or with a loose chassis.

Euro stacking crate, type 2400
Robust design available in 600- and 800-litre versions.
  • stackable feet
  • fully welded lip
  • electropolished hygienic surface

Available in various designs and can also be fitted with an outlet.

Smoke trolley in Z- and H-form
Solid construction using type 1.4301 stainless steel.
  • frame made of two-millimetre-thick box tube
  • easy to clean thanks to exposed surfaces on all sides
  • large, stable handles for easy handling with no risk of injury
  • smooth running thanks to large and wide polyamide castors with tipping moment
  • storage levels designed with four to 11 layers, depending on customer requirements
  • design of storage levels based on the form of the smoke stick