Handling of standard trolleys

Ergo and Swing-Loader for the easy removal of products

Avoid illness-related absence by using aids designed to be easy on the back. Invest in the health of your employees and thus in your company.



Swing-Loader, type 27100

Swing-Loader for lifting 200- and 300-litre standard trolleys – for efficient use in the entire food industry.

The Swing Loader is made entirely of type 1.4301 stainless steel and has a bead-blasted surface. The system is driven electro-hydraulically via a lifting and lowering switch. The tilting process can be stopped in any position, allowing the container to be emptied in dosed stages.

The Swing-Loader is CE-compliant and is supplied ready to connect. On request, the Swing-Loader, type 27100, can also be supplied as a mobile design. Modification to accommodate special containers is also possible.


Ergo-Loader, type 27550

For the easy removal of products weighing up to 300 kg.

The Ergo-Loader is battery operated and can still be moved around in a tilted state. You can find further information on the Ergo-Loader in the area „Handling of larger containers”

Lifting and tilting devices/scales
Besides the various Ergo and Swing-Loaders, lifting and tilting devices and scales for standard trolleys are also available. You can find further information in the areas ‘Lifting and tilting units’ and ‘Batching systems’.