Height-adjustable workplaces

Height-adjustable workplaces for the optimal design of the area of activity.

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For the convenient transportation of Euronorm crates, also known internationally as food load carriers (FLC), plus film rolls, pallets, etc.

More than 25 per cent of all absence from work in the food industry is due to muscular and skeletal complaints. As such, investing in ergonomic products from ITEC not only pays for itself in next to no time, but also helps to reduce bottlenecks in your operations caused by illness.

Cases of illness in the food industry –
overall and among butchers

/100 employees
Average case
duration (days)
Days absent
per person
Sickness rate
in per cent
Butchers 120,3 15,7 18,9 5,2
Food industry
99,8 15,7 15,6 4,3

Source: IKK report