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  • UV-C Tunnel

    The UV-C tunnel
    is a high-performance disinfection system for disinfecting surfaces.

    With the help of highly effective UV-C radiation,up to 99.99% of micro-organisms are eliminated. The system is used for disinfection, prevents cross-contamination and keeps the germ level in the production low - offering maximum safety in your work process.

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    UV-C Tunnel

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ITEC takes care of daily boot cleaning quickly and safely

The walk-through cleaning machine Type 23835 cleans up to 10 pairs of boots per minute

It should take little time and guarantee absolute cleanliness. ITEC, a company based in Beckum in Westphalia, knows all about the hygiene requirements of slaughterhouses. This is why it developed the walk-through cleaning machine Type 23835, which lets you clean shafts and soles of work boots quickly and efficiently. This machine can clean up to 10 pairs of boots per minute.

A thought-out walk-through process is at the heart of the system. Two diffuse sensors integrated into the handrail activate the rotation of the brushes when a person enters the system. Four round brushes arranged at a slant clean the boot shafts. The brush arrangement allows for a downward stroke from shaft to sole. At the same time, two horizontal round brushes scrub the soles of the boots. Sturdy handrails and large steps guarantee the user’s safety.

According to the pre-set pump time, the proper dose of cleaning and disinfection agent is mixed with water and applied to the brushes. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the brushes are rinsed with tap water. The modular system offers a variety of options for adapting the machine to your needs. For instance, the system can be expanded by adding a compulsory guide and hand disinfection station.

A space-saving alternative is the wall-mounted unit Traditio Complete Type 23822 by ITEC. It offers a complete hygiene station for your production access. In addition to sole cleaning, it contains an energy and cost efficient hand cleaning station. The hand cleaning is particularly hygienic thanks to no-touch sensor fixtures on a sturdy stainless steel basin.

Additional information concernig the walk-through cleaning machine Type 23835 can be found here

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