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  • UV-C Tunnel

    The UV-C tunnel
    is a high-performance disinfection system for disinfecting surfaces.

    With the help of highly effective UV-C radiation,up to 99.99% of micro-organisms are eliminated. The system is used for disinfection, prevents cross-contamination and keeps the germ level in the production low - offering maximum safety in your work process.

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    UV-C Tunnel

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Hygiene technology for slaughterhouses and cutting plants

Type 22580 cleaning and sterilization machine cuts costs and ensures maximum hygiene

In the splitting and cutting areas, it is no longer rare to have up to 300 employees occupied per shift. The efficient cleaning and disinfection of the equipment used by meat-processing personnel is of fundamental importance for smooth business operations and for industrial hygiene. ITEC, the leading specialist for hygiene and food technology, has developed an attractive cleaning solution.

Thorough and effective cleaning

The Type 22580 cleaning and sterilization machine simultaneously cleans and disinfects up to 36 personalized carrier baskets. Knives, sharpening steels and safety gloves are gathered into one basket per employee and are transported to the machine in a single batch with no prior pre-cleaning. The carrier consists of a trolley that, using a back-step process, is guided through the machine along a horizontal conveyer. Targeted jets are directed at the tools several times, resulting in a particular thorough cleaning. Another advantage of the machine is that it can also be used to clean safety bibs and cutting edges, using trolleys specifically designed for this purpose.

Significant cost reduction

Reduced handling as well as a considerably lower use of water, cleaning products and energy have been shown to lower the cleaning costs when compared to conventional systems. The transfer of the task to specially trained personnel also helps maximize hygiene levels during business operations.

Sophisticated concepts for any business size

ITEC’s attractive and pioneering cleaning concept ensures optimal cleaning results that have been confirmed by laboratory tests in our clients’ facilities. Smaller businesses will also benefit from ITEC’s wide range of innovative and high-quality cleaning solutions.

Additional information concernig the Cleaning and sterilization machine Type 22580 can be found here

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