• Gulfood Manufacturing 2019

    Gulfood Manufacturing 2019

    Frontmatec exhibits in Dubai from 29.-31.10.2019

    Visit us at the Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai and experience our innovative hygiene technology of the brand ITEC. We look forward to welcome you at our booth, to have prosperous meetings and interesting conversations.


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  • UV-C Tunnel

    The UV-C tunnel
    is a high-performance disinfection system for disinfecting surfaces.

    With the help of highly effective UV-C radiation,up to 99.99% of micro-organisms are eliminated. The system is used for disinfection, prevents cross-contamination and keeps the germ level in the production low - offering maximum safety in your work process.

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    UV-C Tunnel

Fair view
We are represented on all major trade fairs at home and abroad and are looking forward to your visit. For our current trade fair schedule, click here ...

IFFA 2016

At IFFA, the no. 1 of the meat industry, the entire industry met up from 7th to 12th May 2016 in Frankfurt am Main. The world´s leading fair started with a record participation of 1,027 exhibitors - six percent more than in the previous event (2013: 966). According to the statement of the trade fair company, the exhibitors from approximately 50 countries belong to the established world market leaders and we are very happy to be one of them.

Also this year we participated again as exhibitor – for the 9th time – in proven cooperation with our two partners ATTEC and Carometec. Besides the continuous further development of proven techniques and products we also exhibited again some innovations this year.

We are very contented with the fair and the results. We could renew lots of old acquaintances and make a lot new contacts. Have you also visited us? At this point we would like to thank you for your visit, and we hope that you were also satisfied with us. Of course we are glad to remain available to you now, after the IFFA.

Besides the continuous further development of proven techniques and products we also exhibited again some innovations. 

Here again our highlights:

  • Mano Vision type 23780
  • Hand cleaning basin „Clean & Dry“ type 20580 with integrated Dyson Airblade™ Tap
  • Soap and disinfectant dispenser Touchless
  • UV-disinfection of sole brushes

tl_files/itec/bilder-content/aktuelles/Newsblog/ITEC_IFFA_01.jpg tl_files/itec/bilder-content/aktuelles/Newsblog/ITEC_IFFA_02.jpg tl_files/itec/bilder-content/aktuelles/Newsblog/ITEC_IFFA_03.jpg tl_files/itec/bilder-content/aktuelles/Newsblog/ITEC_IFFA_04.jpg
The MANO Vision monitors the hand disinfection process using a camera. The camera on this newly developed disinfectant dispenser checks whether both hands are actually held in the disinfection area and whether the position of the hands is optimal for disinfection. To maximise disinfection by spraying over an extensive area, the disinfectant is dispensed from the MANO Vision only if the fingers are spread.  The user is able to see the correct position of the hands on the integrated display.

The Hand cleaning basin, type 20580 “Clean & Dry” enable cleaning and drying hands at the stainless steel trough. In the rear wall of the cleaning trough, the Dyson Airblade™ Tap is installed – sensor tap with integrated hand dryer. The device ensures maximum hygiene in the production process. The manipulation is completey contactless. Cleaning, disinfecting and drying of hands take place directly at the cleaning trough. A separate area for drying hands is not necessary

ITEC has developed the soap and disinfectant dispenser type Touchless to improve hand disinfection. It is suitable for liquids, soaps and gels. Contactless operation avoids cross-contamination. A special spray nozzle ensures the disinfectant has broad coverage.

  • New designed machines for classification of pork belly and classification of ham legs
  • Automatic chine bone remover and automatic middle splitter of pork middles
  • Upgraded film wrapping machines for fresh meat products e.g. pork belly/loin, beef pieces, loin ribs or belly ribs
  • Q-LINE: Trimming lines for quality controlled trimming of high value products of pork or beef
  • 3D dimensional automatic loin trimmer for pork boneless loins and backs

tl_files/itec/bilder-content/aktuelles/Newsblog/ATTEC_01.jpg tl_files/itec/bilder-content/aktuelles/Newsblog/ATTEC_01.jpg
tl_files/itec/bilder-content/aktuelles/Newsblog/ATTEC_01.jpg tl_files/itec/bilder-content/aktuelles/Newsblog/ATTEC_01.jpg tl_files/itec/bilder-content/aktuelles/Newsblog/ATTEC_01.jpg
Leg classif ication
The leg classification unit is designed to sort pork legs, on specific measurement criteria. The unit can easily be integrated in a cutting system or a trimming line.

Chine bone remover
The automatic chine bone remover is designed for the fully automatic removal of the chine bone / pearl string from pork middles / loins. It provides optimally uniform products, extra yield and large savings on labour.

Automatic middle splitter
The automatic middle splitter is designed for the fully automatic cutting of loin / belly from pork middles. Cutting is adjustable in angle and cutting form from the display. It provides optimally uniform products, extra yield and large savings on labour. 

Fully automatic film wrapping machine and bag filling machines in stainless steel. The machines are built for maximum hygiene and withstand optimum cleaning. Tray top sealing machine and bag loading machine supplied for standard trays for internal and external use.

Q-line pork system
Q-LINE system provide improvement in production quality and yield. The Q-LINE systems are used for the trimming of high value products from porc. All by-products from the trimming process are collected in trays, which gives complete bacth control by automatic weighing.

Automatic 3D trimming
Fully automatic 3D loin / back trimming line based on transducer, vision, servo-electric and mechanical principles. The line divides the loin / back into backfat, rind and the finished product - the loin / back. This trimming line is unique, with its 8-fold fully flexible servo-controlled knife set. The machine gives maximum product yield while providing large labour savings.

At IFFA 2016 Carometec showed the brand new NitFom™, which represents a breakthrough in bringing analysis of fat quality traits such as iodine value and fatty acid composition to work directly on the kill floor.

tl_files/itec/bilder-content/aktuelles/Newsblog/ATTEC_01.jpg The NitFom™ is a robust and reliable piece of equipment, which uses Near-Infrared-Transmission spectroscopy in combination with highly advanced chemometric modelling. The ultra-fast measurements in combination with depth resolved spectra provides for a normalization of results giving very precise and robust measurements. 

The NitFom™ makes sorting of and payment for carcasses possible through 100 % testing providing an iodine value and individual fatty acids in real-time with an extremely high precision. Each measurement cycle takes less than 3 seconds and the calibration of the equipment is easy to perform with low operating costs.

AutoMarker Mx-32:
Carometec also showed the new model within the AutoMarker™ program – the AutoMarker Mx-32. It is intended to print a veterinary stamp, class or similar stamp on pig carcasses. It can do so in combination with other characters for supplier, lean meat percentage or sorting class etc.

The fine pitch where 32 print nozzles are distributed over only 62 mm means that it is ideal for printing on curved surfaces such as a pig carcass. It is intended for printing on the ham of the carcass and as such can work as a simple, robust and cost-effective way of printing information and/or regulatory markings.

AutoFom III™:
Finally, Carometec showed the AutoFom III™, which is a grading system for pigs using fully automatic 3D ultrasound scanning of a carcass. Being one of the most accurate systems in the world, it provides information about the total lean meat percentage of a carcass and the yield in the 4 primal cuts: ham, loin, shoulder and belly. In addition, it also determines the weight of the saleable meat in the whole carcass and in each of the four primals. 

On the procurement side, the AutoFom III™ offers an advanced and accurate evaluation of the commercial value of the carcasses. AutoFom III™ data is used for optimizing production by sorting primal cuts according to yield. In some countries AutoFom III™ is also used for genetic programs such as boar selection.

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