Quality control

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This system is able to precisely position and cut all printed sausage casings so that the logo of the producer and the brand name of the product are clearly identifiable in their outer packaging.

The system works by identifying the images, brand names, etc. on the surface of the casing optically along the longitudinal axis and subsequently positioning the product. The cutter halves the aligned sausage product with an oblique cut between both labels.

The system was designed for products with a calibre of between 35 and 65 mm. The capacity is based on the size of the products and the complexity of the casing surface. With a standard product, Logo Scan is capable of around 40–42 scans per minute.

Logo Scan can also perform other tasks, such as printing details relating to the manufacturer and the production and best-before dates on the products.

Before printing the production details directly on the surface, it is sensible to find an area on the sausage surface which is free of advertising or labels, so that the information can be easily read by the consumer later on. Accordingly, the products are fed individually in front of the inkjet in the Logo Scan unit in order to scan the product surface using a camera and special illumination technology. The surface is scanned for unprinted areas which are subsequently aligned towards the inkjet printhead.

The clear areas found using this method are thus printed with the necessary production details in a continuous process using the inkjet.

Patent: 10 2004 024 487 B3