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Efficient working and transportation.

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Swing-Loader with table
You can find further information on the Swing-Loader in the area „Handling of standard trolleys
Swing-Loader for bakery containers
Lifting and tilting device, type 27000
With a special fitting for waste containers.
Automatic bag cutter

Factories that have to remove products from transit bags for further processing will significantly improve the efficiency of this production step with this system, which, among other things, can lead to time savings of up to 50 per cent.

The bag cutting system is designed to be an integrated solution and is used when feeding in the bags, which are brought to the unit on a shelf trolley or in a container, for example. The employee controls the automatic unloading of the trolley or container and has the relevant bags on a working level, where they are then manually aligned and brought to the knife on a conveyor belt; non-ergonomic and time-consuming bag handling thus becomes a thing of the past.

The special circular knife with a pressing mechanism is designed in such a way that it only cuts the desired section cleanly, residue-free and across the whole width. The product itself is not damaged by the knife during the cutting process.

Subsequent to the cutting process, the bag is emptied by hand and the product slides into the prepared container. The employee does not come into contact with the product.

A high throughput rate is achieved thanks to the ergonomic working methods and the partially automated processes. The knife can be replaced quickly and easily as and when required by the operator without the need for any special tools.

Using the bag cutting system can significantly optimise internal material flow systems while at the same time achieving higher output rates. Besides unleashing rationalisation potential, the machine also offers clear advantages in terms of occupational safety as well as bringing about ergonomic improvements.